Scandi Cardboard Decorations

Cardboard Scandi Christmas decorations

This quick and easy craft project uses left over cardboard that would usually just get thrown away.

If you're anything like me, then you'll have an abundance of cardboard boxes piling up by the back door to be recycled. So how about putting that cardboard to good use and creating some gorgeous Scandi-inspired Christmas decorations? 


You Will Need

  • Cardboard

  • Tracing paper and pencil

  • Craft mat and cutting knife

  • Small sharp craft scissors

  • White paint (or a Posca pen)

  • Paint brushes


You can either print out, or copy the horse and tree templates below. You can make yours whatever size you like. 

To make the trees

1 Trace off the two tree pieces onto the back of some cardboard. You want to avoid any writing or logos on the cardboard, and make sure it's not scruffy.

2 Cut round the tree roughly, to get rid of the excess that will just get in the way. Put the cardboard on the cutting mat, then use a sharp craft knife to cut along all the straight edges - don’t try cutting off any of the corners this way, as the cardboard will buckle.

3 Making lots of tiny snips, use small pair of scissors to snip around each corner. This will give a much cleaner and neater end result.

4 Take the two tree pieces and slot them together. If they are a bit snug and won't slot together, simply cut off some extra cardboard from the slits.

- it’s much easier to paint the trees when they are constructed as you can work on all the sides at once.

5 Take your white paint and a paintbrush, and apply some to the top half of the tree, you will probably need a couple of coats. Don't worry if the paint is a bit wobbly, it all adds to the effect!

6 Make little dashes on the lower half using a smaller paintbrush, then leave the trees to dry. 


To make the horse

1 Trace off the body and two sets of legs onto the back of some cardboard. Following the method of Step 2 & 3 above, carefully cut and snip out the pieces.

2 Add all the lovely decorations and features (dots, a saddle, reins, hoofs and an eye), using white paint or a Posca pen.

- If you want to view the horse from all angles, then you can paint the otherside too,. Just wait for the paint to dry first, before turning it over. 

3 Once dry, slot the two leg pieces into the body piece - again, trimming down the cardboard if it's a bit snug.

You can then display your gorgeous Dala horse with the trees to create a little scene, either as a table centrepiece, along a shelf or in the window.

Scandi templates





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