Santa Bauble

Santa bauble kit

Ho Ho Ho! Our Jolly Santa painted bauble is the perfect kids craft this Christmas!
You Will Need
  • Ceramic bauble
  • Acrylic paint in red, pink, black and white
  • Small paintbrush
  • Black pen
  • Twine
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TIP - Rest your bauble on a small roll of tape to prevent it from rolling around!

1 The first thing you want to do is to cover your work surface with paper, and pop on an apron too.

2 Carefully open up the little pot of pink paint and use a little to paint on Santa’s face - look at those big cheeks!

3 When the paint has dried, use some red paint to add on two rosy cheeks and a hat. 

4 Then use some white paint along the edge of the hat to give it a furry trim.

5 Mix up some pale grey paint (using white paint and a tiny bit of black paint) and add some loops and swirls to the beard, to give the effect of a fluffy beard!

6 Finally add Santa’s eyes, his nose and his mouth. You can either paint these or use a black pen (a pen might be a bit easier!).

And there you go, your very own jolly Santa bauble! 

Don’t forget to share some pics - we can’t wait to see them!

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