Peg Dollies



This is a fun craft to do with the kids, you can go all out and give these peg dolls the most fabulous of outfits and hairstyles.

Alternatively, stick to a traditional colour palette so they sit well with your existing decorations.


You Will Need

  • Wooden clothes pegs
  • Wooden beads
  • A selection of paint
  • Paint brushes (smaller the better)
  • Mini screw eye pins
  • Bradawl (or a tapestry needle)
  • Ribbons, chunky wool etc for scarves and hair
  • Glue gun

1 Squeeze out some coloured paint in a selection of colours. Then, holding the peg doll at the rounded end, paint a pair of trousers and some shoes or boots onto each peg. Leave to dry.

2 Paint the peg doll’s top half in another bright colour, and the face in a flesh tone. You can place the pegs around the outside of a cup while you wait for them to dry.

3 Use a hot glue gun to glue on a small wooden bead to the top of some of the pegs. Then paint on the hair with a small paintbrush. Leave to dry.

4 With a fine paintbrush, start adding details to each peg - trims on the trousers, fur-topped boots, buttons and pockets.

5 Using the tip of a fine paintbrush, dot on two eyes and a little mouth onto each face.

6 Apply a little of the hot glue to the doll’s neck, then wrap a length of ribbon or wool around each to create a scarf. You can have them as long or short as you like.

7 Tie some string or wool around where the bead meets the head and tie in a little bow, trim the ends to neaten.

8 Using a bradawl or a tapestry needle, make a small indent in the top of the peg. Place on an eye pin and screw in. Feed some string through and tie in a knot to create a hanging loop.


  • If you place the needle through the loop of the eye pin, you can use it as a lever to rotate the eye pin, making screwing it in much easier. 
  • To attach an eye pin to one of the dolls with a bead on its head, simply apply a little hot glue inside the hole and press in the eye pin.

We'd love to see your peg doll creations! Please tag us @ohhellomaker and use the hashtag #ohhellomakercrafts


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