Painted Christmas Cards

watercolour Christmas tree cards

You can create some super simple Christmas tree designs using watercolour (or, indeed any paint you have at home)

Our two cards and three gift tags were all cut from just one sheet of A4! You just need to add the envelopes and voila, 

You Will Need

  • A piece of A4 watercolour paper
  • Ruler, cutting knife and mat (or a paper trimmer)
  • Watercolour paint
  • Gold paint (or pen)
  • Small and fine paintbrushes
  • Pencil

1 Measure 14.5cm down the long edge of a piece of A4 watercolour paper and make a small pencil mark. Do the same on the opposite side, place a ruler on the two dots and cut along. You will have a piece of card measuring 14.5 x 21cm. Fold in half to make your card.

2 Repeat this process to make a square card, this time measuring 10cm down. Cut out so you have a 10 x 21cm card, fold in half.

3 You will be left with a strip of card measuring 5 x 21cm. Cut this into three, so you have three 5 x 7cm gift tags. Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the top corner.

Blue Dash Tree Card

Mix up a deep blue paint then, using the edge of a fine paintbrush, make little dashes to create the shape of a Christmas tree - you can paint the matching tag at the same time. Leave a few gaps for the gold paint. Use some mustard paint to create a trunk. Finally paint (or draw) on a gold star at the top of the tree and add gold dashes in the gaps. Leave to dry.

Pink and Red Tree Card

Mix up some pale pink paint in a dish, you want it quite watery, then paint on a triangle onto the square card and the matching gift tag. Wait until the paint is completely dry before applying a line of red paint down the centre. Twist the card around to draw the diagonal lines and dots. Do the same on the tag and leave to dry.

Mustard Tree Tag

Using a thin paintbrush, paint a tall triangle onto the last gift tag with mustard paint. Once dry use a fine paintbrush to paint on a star and a trunk in navy blue.

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